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Adam Sandler’s Daughters Make Their Musical Debut With Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’

Prepare to fall in love with music’s most adorable new duo, because Adam Sandler’s daughters just performed a Taylor Swift cover — and they totally nailed it. With Sandler accompanying on guitar, 13-year-old Sadie and 10-year-old Sunny took the stage at Sunday’s Malibu for the Rock4EB! Fundraiser to help raise money for the debilitating disease epidermolysis bullosa. To say the girls did their dad proud (and probably pulled in some impressive donations) would likely be an understatement.

In videos shared to social media by The Hollywood Reporter’s Chris Gardner, Sadie and Sunny can be seen standing by Sandler with mics in hand. They belt out the lyrics to Swift’s latest single, “Lover,” changing the lyrics ever so slightly. Why? The sweet family tweaked a few words to reflect their Jewish faith. At the song’s opening, they sang, “We could leave the Hanukkah lights up ’til January / This is our place, we make the rules.” The original references Christmas lights. Towards the song’s close, the girls ad-libbed, “I’ll save you a matzo ball soup,” in place of the original, “I’ll save you a seat next to me.”

Hmm, wildly talented and funny — yep, these two are definitely a chip off the old block.

What makes Sadie and Sunny’s performance even more impressive is the fact that they weren’t singing for just anyone. The teen and tween came up and sang in front of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, including Julia Roberts, Kaley Cuoco, Rami Malek, Sean Penn, Courteney Cox and Cindy Crawford. Naturally, a few familiar (albeit also famous) faces were in the crowd, like Sandler’s frequent collaborator and close friend David Spade.

Before inviting his girls onstage to sing with him, Sandler revealed that the family had just flown in from New York, where they watched Swift perform on SNL. “They’ve been so excited and nervous,” Sandler told the star-studded crowd as his Swifties joined him, adding that the track is “one of their favorite songs — we play this all the time in the car, me and mommy and the two kids.”

As if all of that wasn’t cute enough, Sandler was obviously beaming with pride as the girls wrapped up the cover. “Thank you for being so nice to them. They were dying to be a part” of the show, he told the audience, before turning to his daughters. “Girls, you did great! Sounded awesome — confident and cool. I love you, now get out of here.”

Think it’s too late for Sandler to adopt us? We want to be a part of this fam too!

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