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Adam Levine Opens Up About Being a Stay-at-Home Dad After ‘The Voice’

Adam Levine has had a massive music career spanning many years (and too many earworm singles to count). He was a mainstay on the The Voice up until just a few months ago. But right now, he’s exploring a whole new endeavor — and he couldn’t be happier in his new role as a stay-at-home dad to daughters Dusty Rose, 3, and Gio Grace, 1.

Levine appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to share an update on his day-to-day life — and he admitted that these days, it’s less about the hit singles and more about full-time parenthood. And he’s loving life as a self-proclaimed stay-at-home dad.

“I do miss [being on The Voice], but I also don’t miss how much I had to work,” Levine said. “I was just constantly working for so many years — very lucky, very fortunate, very blessed and all that, but [I wanted] to be able to spend time in this moment with my new, young family, and just have the greatest time ever. Now I’m just like a stay-at-home dad. I just stay home and do very little. It’s great.”

But DeGeneres doesn’t seem to agree with Levine’s assertion that he “does very little,” and we’d have to agree — stay-at-home parents certainly have their hands full. “You’re a very hands-on dad,” the host told her guest. “Your daughters … like, on a Sunday, you take them out to breakfast and you’re always doing something with your kids. I think that’s great.”

The Maroon 5 frontman continued to gush about his girls, whom he shares with wife Behati Prinsloo. “I’m obsessed with them,” he said. “I know that’s a good thing, because they’re my children … that’s why I don’t do much, because I love hanging [out with them]. I genuinely adore them in a way that I never knew I could adore any little person.”

But, as it turns out, even Levine struggles with certain parts of fatherhood — namely, impressing his firstborn with the very talent that made him a star. “You’d think that [Dusty would] like when I sang to her, but she just doesn’t like it that much. I wish I was lying,” Levine admitted, before recounting the time he attempted to play his guitar for the budding critic. Dusty’s response? “Put that down.”

“I was like, ‘Put that down? Cool. Sweet.’ It was the most humbling thing that’s ever happened,” Levine said of the experience. “I don’t know if I have the courage to confront her again and perform music in front of her.”

While his daughter may not quite be on board with her famous father’s musical prowess just yet, we’d say Levine seems to be doing a really remarkable job as a full-time dad — and we love that he shared a little look at his new normal.

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