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Don Johnson’s Son Jesse Looks Exactly Like Him & Miami Vice Fans Are Freaking Out

It’s always interesting to see which parent celebrity kids favor as they grow up — and in certain cases, it can give us major déjà vu. Miami Vice star Don Johnson’s son Jesse is his lookalike, and fans of the Johnson family are wasting no time making their feelings about this known. Not only are they in awe of how much Jesse looks like a young Don, but they have an idea about how the fam could take that resemblance straight to the bank.

A photo that Jesse posted recently had many fans seeing his resemblance to Don in a major way. Below a snap of himself, Jesse has a comment section full of people eagerly noting how much he looks like his dad. “Your a clone of your dad,” one writes. “I thought this was Don. [Holy] cow,” another writes. “Wow🤗like DJ in his 30s,” someone adds. And sibling Grace Johnson agrees: “Wow you look exactly like dad right here,” she writes.

Then a commenter comes in with a brilliant idea: “Miami Vice reboot would be in safe hands if crockett Jr was involved,” they write. Another commenter takes it a step further: “We need a reboot of Miami Vice the tv series, where you @jaydoubleyoujay act like a son of Sonny Crockett ‘Billy’ and work as undercover detective in the actual Miami department, with your partner, the son of Ricardo Tubbs @sacredthomas. With @donjohnson and @philipmichaelthomas work as lieutenants! Will be a great success!” they write. Sounds like they’ve got it all figured out!

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For reference, here’s a photo of Don Johnson in Miami Vice:

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Universal Tv/Kobal/Shutterstock. Universal Tv/Kobal/Shutterstock.

The fans aren’t wrong — the two could be twins. And if Miami Vice does get a reboot, we have to agree: Jesse Johnson is a natural choice.

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