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Kate Middleton & Prince William Chose the Cutest Photo of Prince George for His Thank-You Notes

As adults, there isn’t much mail we’re genuinely excited about getting — but one of these custom thank-you notes would certainly make the cut. Kate Middleton is sending out a photo of Prince George on thank-you notes for his sixth birthday, and we’re so jealous that one of these isn’t due in our mailbox. We all remember the series of photos Kate released for George’s sixth birthday, but which one made the cut for this occasion? Let’s find out.

According to People, the photo that Kate and Prince William chose showcases George’s signature toothless grin, and shows him wearing an England National Soccer Team jersey (the same one that was criticized for being too England-centric earlier this year). Further sleuthing reveals the text that was printed on these cards, courtesy of a royal fan: “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge appreciated your kind thought in writing to Prince George on the occasion of his sixth birthday,” the note reads. “This was most thoughtful of you and greatly appreciated by Their Royal Highnesses who send you their best wishes.”

Well, it’s slightly more formal than the cards we sent out for our sixth birthdays, but the sentiment is lovely — as is the adorable snap of George that’s included.

Here’s the photo:

And here’s what the other side of the card looked like:

Who was the photographer behind this stunning photo, you may ask? Kate herself! If her royal duties ever get dull, we have a good side hustle in mind for the Duchess.

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