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Ryan Reynolds Is Unrecognizable in Rare Date Night Selfie With Blake Lively

We always love to check in on our favorite celebrity couples — and when a typically private couple offer a rare peek into their lives, it’s an extra-special treat. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively posted a selfie documenting a date night in New York City last night, and we did a double-take when we saw it. Not just because Lively has been out of the public eye for months (we missed her!), but because we’ve never seen Reynolds rocking quite this much facial hair.

Reynolds had spent the day at New York Comic Con promoting Free Guy, and met up with Lively at Tak Room for dinner. The selfie is posted amid a string of photos from Comic Con — blink and you might miss it. In the photo, Reynolds is incognito with a full beard and glasses, while Lively is looking goofy and laid-back in a black and white striped blouse and Marla Aaron necklace.

Lively reposted the selfie on her own story, but not to be cute and couple-y with Reynolds, of course (this couple is much too sarcastic for that). Instead, she was responding to a shout-out from jewelry brand Marla Aaron, which also reposted the selfie with a sweet note for Lively. “Gorgeous @blakelively representing in a major magic way,” the company wrote. “Blake we love you.” Lively replied: “Right back at you.”

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Ryan Reynolds/Instagram.
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Blake Lively/Instagram. Blake Lively/Instagram.

As always, we love a look into this fun-loving couple’s life, and we’re glad to see they can still find time to spend together with their busy schedules (and two kids!). Lively revealed that she was expecting a third child in May, but the due date remains unknown.

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