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Victoria Beckham Reveals Her Favorite Spice Girls Look — From When She Was Pregnant With Brooklyn

Victoria Beckham is known for her statement-making fashions — but you might be surprised to know that her favorite look from her Spice Girls days was something she wore when she was actually pregnant. In a new interview, the designer mama of four recalled that her favorite fashion moment from the Spice Girls was from the group’s “Goodbye” music video, which came out in 1998, when she was expecting her first child.

“My favorite Spice Girls look would be the ‘Goodbye’ video, actually,” she told the British talk show This Morning. “I was pregnant with Brooklyn at the time and I had a pixie haircut, I was wearing a Jil Sander dress, which was super chic, and just really natural, nice makeup.” It’s true: the former pop star’s look stands the test of time, and she still looks elegant and polished in the video.

She remembered that she felt especially beautiful at that time of her pregnancy. “I was at that stage of pregnancy when you are a little bit glowy,” she said. It was a happy time for Beckham — and she recalls it with much happiness even not. “It was just very natural, and I look back at that video and it really does make me smile because I had little Brooklyn in my tummy,” she said.

Victoria Beckham is still quite happy with her appearance. Beckham also told This Morning that she’s not at a place where she’s considering any cosmetic surgery — but she doesn’t rule it out in the future, either. “Maybe ask me that question in another 10, 15, 20 years time,” she said. “Maybe that will have changed, but at the moment I would rather celebrate who I am and just be the best version of myself, as opposed to trying to change too much.” We can’t argue with that!

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