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Queen Elizabeth II Reportedly ‘Impressed’ With Meghan Markle, So Does She Support the Lawsuit?

Though Meghan Markle has her critics, there’s one (rather important) person who always seems to be on her side: Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen is “impressed” with Meghan of late, a source reveals, and tracked the Sussex royals’ tour of Africa with great pleasure. Since Prince Harry announced a lawsuit against Associated Newspapers just this week, Meghan must be relieved to know she’s still supported — and we’re wondering whether her statement signals that the palace approves of their legal move.

According to Us Weekly’s source, the Queen was thrilled with how the Africa tour went. “She’s seeing a more mature, responsible side of Harry, and she’s really impressed with how Meghan’s upped her game,” the source reveals. Both Meghan and Harry have truly seemed in their element, focusing on their charitable efforts in the area and bonding with local communities. “This is the real Meghan,” the source asserts. “It’s not an act. And while she’ll never replace Diana, she’s determined to follow in her footsteps.”

Speaking of Diana: She may be the key to the reason the Queen would support the Sussex’s lawsuit. Harry himself referenced his mother in the statement announcing their legal action, comparing the media’s treatment of Diana back then to the way they’re treating Meghan now. And according to royal commentator Duncan Larcombe, the Queen is likely to agree with that assessment. In August, he described the monarch’s “particular and slightly unusual effort to welcome [Meghan] in,” and posited that it may have been “because of the lessons of the past where Princess Diana pretty much felt like an outsider.”

In other words, the parallels between Meghan and Diana seem clear to both Harry and the Queen, and both are working hard to support her because of it.

Diana comparisons (and legal troubles) aside, the Queen is right: Meghan has been seriously impressive on this tour. On their final day, the Duchess gave a moving speech calling for equality and inspiring today’s youth to fight for change. We recommend reading it in full (or watching the video), but here are a few of our favorite lines.

“In a world that that can seem so aggressive, confrontational, and dangerous, you should know that you have the power to change it,” she said. “Whether it’s about society’s expectations of masculinity or femininity, or how we divide ourselves by race or faith or class or status- everyone has value, and everyone deserves to be heard and respected. And if you live your life in that way, your generation will start to value each other in ways the rest of us have not yet been able to do so.” Bravo.

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