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Tracee Ellis Ross’ Tips for Eternal Youth Include Hot Sex & Lots of Water, So We’re Sold

In the absence of the fountain of eternal youth, let us instead present to you Tracee Ellis Ross’ advice for staying young. The Black-ish star just served up some serious life inspo in a new Instagram video, and you won’t even have to go to the ends of the earth to try to find it — although, like the fountain of youth, Ross’ “five commandments for staying young” are worthy of being mythologized.

If you weren’t already following Ross on social media, you’ll probably want to after watching her drop some life-affirming wisdom. The actress hopped on the app to caption a short video: “5 ‘grown woman’ ways to stay young. By me.” In the clip, she wastes little time launching into her “commandments” for eternal youthfulness, saying, “One, giggle as much as possible. Two, gotta get your sleep. People say sleep when you’re dead; I don’t agree. Sleep when you’re tired. That’s what you do if you can.” Yesss.

By commandments three through five, Ross really hits her stride. “Three, drink so much water. Like, seriously. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Four, have as much sex as possible. Sorry, Mom, but it’s true! Brings out the best in your skin,” she says, giggling (see her first commandment). Ross then wraps up with her fifth tip, saying, “Love with a full and open heart! You’ll stay young forever, I swear.”

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5 “grown woman” ways to stay young. by me.

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It’s also worth mentioning that Ross is so thoughtful, she made sure to add a proviso to her hot sex commandment. After encouraging all the sex all the time, she clarified in a caption that it should be “consensual, connected, yummy, good & safe sex” and “not just any sex.”

Someone cross-stitch this on a pillow, stat. Then start selling them on Etsy, so we can order one for every woman in our lives. Obviously, these commandments just speak to what we all already knew: We don’t deserve Ross, but we’re so glad she’s here.

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