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Kate Middleton Says Princess Charlotte Loves This Spicy Dish & We Can’t Get Our Kids to Eat PB&J

If you’ve been struggling just to convince the tiny food dictator in your house (aka your kid) to even eat PB&Js this week, you’re definitely not alone. Little ones are famously fickle when it comes to their food choices. Except, apparently, for a certain royal 5-year-old — according to Kate Middleton, Princess Charlotte has a thing for spicy curry. The Duchess of Cambridge just opened up about her middle child’s penchant for “heat,” revealing that Charlotte is a big fan of her mom’s famous curry.

On Wednesday, Kate and Prince William visited the Aga Khan Centre in London to meet with key figures in the Pakistani community ahead of their visit to the country Oct. 14-18. During the event, Kate shared that the couple is particularly excited to try the authentic cuisine of the region since she often cooks curry, a signature Pakistani dish, at home, as People reports. However, she was quick to admit that it’s a tricky dish to make when you have little ones. “It’s so hard cooking curry with the family though. The children have a portion with no spice, yours is medium,” she said, referring to William. “And I quite like it hot.”

But then Kate made a surprising amendment to her statement. She doesn’t actually have to change much about the dish for her middle child. “Charlotte is pretty good with heat,” she said.

Oh, don’t mind us, we’re just over here wondering how Kate gets her kids to eat spicy curry when our kids are staging rebellions over mustard on hot dogs. Perhaps Charlotte inherited her adventurous sense of taste from her mom, because she definitely didn’t get it from her dad. William readily admitted that he likes his food medium-spicy (“me and heat, not so good”), which someone told him isn’t even a thing in Pakistan.

Perhaps when Charlotte gets a little older, she can act as her mom’s foodie companion during royal tours. After all, this isn’t the first time Kate has alluded to her daughter’s distinctive tastes. In February, she noted that one of Charlotte’s favorite snacks was “olives,” definitely not the standard toddler fare.

So, we imagine there will be many fun, food-filled trips in the future for this mother-daughter duo.

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