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Serena Williams Using Her Husband As a Wig Stand in Cute New Video Makes Us Believe in Love

You’ve heard of Instagram Husbands, right? Well, there’s also another lesser-known faction of supportive spouses known as Wig Stand Husbands — and Serena William’s new video featuring Alexis Ohanian is the perfect study. The tennis champ and her Reddit co-founder partner shared the super-cute moment on social media, proving once again they are serving up relationship goals left and right.

On Monday, Williams posted a series of videos to her Instagram story discussing her love for wigs and her secret to styling them. “Of course I’m up on the wig craze and I just don’t know how to clean my wigs and how to style them,” Williams says in one clip. Turning the camera toward a wig-wearing Ohanian, she adds, “I did get this new wig head. It doesn’t sit very still, but…” Williams then playfully raps her husband on the head with her comb, saying, “Stop moving your head!” Once she manages to rein in her husband’s head and comb through the hair, she shows off the “final look.”

In another clip, Ohanian rocks a long ombre-style wig, which Williams at first says she wants to dye. Or not: “Never mind,” she says. “I’m going to stay in my lane.” Fortunately for Williams, she has “a good head stand” to try out her styles on before deciding what works best. And, honestly, could these two be any cuter?

This is what love looks like, y’all.

A little extra context makes the moment even more special. In a recent interview with ESPNW, Ohanian admitted that it’s difficult for the couple to carve out time together as parents of a young daughter, Olympia. “Even now, with our daughter being 2, it’s a constant struggle to try to feel like I’m showing up enough for her and my wife,” Ohanian said. “I know my wife feels the same way. This is the new normal.”

So, it’s that much sweeter when you realize these two capitalize on mundane moments — like Williams’ washing and styling her wigs — in order to spend quality time together.

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