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Chrissy Teigen & Luna’s Interpretive Dance to ‘The Nutcracker’ Is Next-Level Cute

Say hello to your new favorite holiday production! A video showing Chrissy Teigen and daughter Luna dancing to The Nutcracker just hit Instagram (courtesy of Teigen herself) — and if it doesn’t put you in the holiday spirit, well, there may not be hope for you, friend. Even if you’re of the belief that it’s too early for Christmas music, Teigen and Luna’s fresh take on this ballet classic is sure to win you over.

Teigen shared the sweet moment to Instagram on Monday, proving that husband John Legend and son Miles aren’t the only ones in the Teigen-Legend household who can steal hearts with their musical adaptations. In the video, Teigen can be twirling around in a floral robe as Luna prances nearby in a pink tutu dress. The iconic Nutcracker score plays in the background as the two perform a sort of interpretive dance around the living room. Admittedly, Teigen is quite graceful and makes a lovely ballet dancer. But little Luna steals this show — especially when she decides their Nutcracker needs animal noise effects.

“Tweet, tweet,” Luna says as she does something resembling a plié. After a few more tweets, Teigen responds in kind, barking, “Woof, woof.” Disney, we think you just found your next live-action adaptation: The Nutcracker, Barnyard Edition.

This is just the latest example of what a fun personality Luna has and how much fun she and her famous mom have together. Earlier this month, Teigen shared a video on Instagram showing Luna describing her “cute, cute boyfriend.” As Teigen asked her daughter questions about the boy, Luna prattled off the things she likes about him. “He always listens to my feelings. He always shares,” Luna adorably revealed.

In July, Teigen shared videos showing her and Luna making a giant filled candy bar — a video that was so sweet on such a literal and figurative level that we simply assumed it would be our favorite Teigen-Luna moment for the foreseeable future.

And then came The Nutcracker. Ladies, you’ve outdone yourselves.

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