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Hilary Duff Calling CVS Out for Their Comically Long Receipts Will Make You Feel Seen

One of the perks of being a loyal customer at certain stores is getting reward points, and we can probably all agree that’s a good thing. But Hilary Duff calling out CVS for their “excessive” receipts highlights a reward program gone comically awry — and anyone who has ever walked out of the store with a mile-long ream of ExtraBucks Rewards will surely understand Duff’s tirade on a deeply personal level.

Duff took to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday to issue a direct challenge to what is obviously one of her favorite shopping stops. “CVS, listen, love you forever — mean it. There like 3 times a week,” she starts, before whipping out a familiar site for any CVS shopper: the ridiculously long receipt. “Should we talk about possibly trying to save a tree? This just keeps going and going and going and… that’s excessive.” As she pulled the receipt from just out of view of the camera, Duff emphasized its seeming endlessness by wrapping it around her shoulders.

It may just be one of Duff’s most relatable moments yet. Who hasn’t done the CVS exit shuffle while trying to wrangle an unruly banner of ExtraBucks? There has to be a better way to do this, right?

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Images: Hilary Duff/Instagram. Hilary Duff/Instagram.

Duff has earned her right to poke a little fun at CVS, judging by how much a simple Google search of “Hilary Duff at CVS” yields. In 2013, she tweeted a snapshot of a massive L.A. CVS, gushing, “This is the real deal CVS! It’s the freakin #Mecca.” So, yeah, we suspect the Younger actress earns lots o’ ExtraBucks and, accordingly, has been silently irked by the retailer’s “excessive” receipts for quite some time.

If CVS is smart, they’ll figure out a way to turn this into some sort of clever collaboration. We can see it now: “Help Hilary Duff save some trees! Sign up for e-XtraBucks, please.” We’ll sign up too — preferably before the cash register spits out another mile of rewards receipt on our next visit.

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