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Amy Schumer Has This Response to Jessica Simpson’s Post-Baby Photo

If there’s one thing we can say with certainty about the physical and emotional aftermath of welcoming a baby, it’s this: Every baby, every mother and every situation is different. There’s no sense in comparing, there’s no right way to do it, and there’s no gold standard — so while Jessica Simpson is celebrating her speedy postpartum return to normal, Amy Schumer is in “no rush” to do the same — and both those approaches are totally valid and worthy of praise.

Simpson, who welcomed her third child this year, recently posted that she’s proud of herself after dropping 100 pounds in just six months thanks to a lot of hard work. Schumer’s reaction to that? “Ok Simpson! Well ive lost 10 pounds and 100 dollars to my sister playing poker. #norush #givememymoneybackkim,” the comedian wrote in an Instagram post. The accompanying photo shows Schumer posing in a black two-piece swimsuit. And, like Simpson, she looks fantastic.

Schumer welcomed her son, Gene Attell Fisher, in May. This is far from the first time she’s been super frank about her own experience with pregnancy, early motherhood and postpartum: Schumer even had a whole comedy special surrounding the journey to motherhood, called Growing. She’s tackled all parts of the process with humor, and her recent post about her own body, postpartum, is no exception.

While Simpson’s major physical transformation isn’t Schumer’s goal, we have to give it up for both moms. Patting yourself on the back is amazing. Feeling content with the body you’ve got is amazing. Whatever the case may be, it’s all worth celebrating — and either way, it can (and should) be a source of pride.

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