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So, Apparently Kim & Kanye’s Daughter North West Is an Environmentalist

We know North West has stylish side and a real penchant for all things beauty. But here’s something you may not have known about Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West’s firstborn: North is quite the environmentalist — and she’s committed to doing her part to save our planet.

There’s proof, too: Kardashian shared a video originally posted by a Kardashian kids fan page to show off her 6-year-old daughter’s eco-friendly ways. The video showcases North with several bottles under her arms, bending down to pick a wrapper off the ground.

According to the mom of four, this is far from the first time North has stopped to pick up trash. Apparently, little Nori is dedicated to improving our environment. “She loves the planet so much and everywhere she goes she picks up trash,” Kardashian tweeted alongside the video.

Of course, these are the Kardashians we’re talking about, which means the video elicited some, shall we say, unkind comments. Some called it a publicity stunt, to which we say — have you seen Keeping Up With the Kardashians? What isn’t a publicity stunt? Grumpy comments aside, we have to give it up for North, who is already aware of how much care our planet needs right now — and is willing to do what she can to help. It’s a pretty great example to set.

In addition to loving the planet, North is also into a major new development she’s facing right now: lost teeth. Kardashian recently shared a mother/daughter selfie featuring North grinning for the camera, one missing tooth totally visible.

“North wants you to see she lost her other front tooth!” Kardashian wrote alongside the photo. It’s important reminder: Celebrity status aside, North is still just a kid. And we ought to be commending her for doing her part for the planet at such a young age.

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