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Aidy Bryant Hilariously Botching This SNL Skit Was the Best Part of the 45th Season Premiere

Fact: Watching someone else completely lose composure makes it impossible not to dissolve into a fit of laughter yourself. Example: Aidy Bryant botched a skit during Saturday Night Live‘s 45th season premiere because she couldn’t stop giggling, and it ended up being one of — if not the — funniest moments of the entire show.

Not surprisingly, the return of SNL focused largely on politics, with fodder about President Donald Trump taking center stage. For one of the political sketches, Bryant portrayed Denise Craw, the host of the political pundit show called Inside the Beltway. She manages to keep a straight face even through the comical “ain’t nothing going to happen” refrain of Kenan Thompson’s Quincy Maddox. Where Bryant ran into trouble, though, was during “previously recorded footage” when a costume stylist taps her on the shoulder mid-segment to do a wardrobe change — before being waved off by a giggling Bryant and realizing she had walked onto live national TV.

By the time the show returns to the present argument about Trump’s potential impeachment, Bryant is full-on cracking up. And so is basically everyone else on set (not to mention those of us watching at home) as the comedian struggles to request a commercial-break through her laughter.

If you watch nothing else from the premiere, let it be this.

Of course, there were plenty of other laughs during the premiere. Alec Baldwin returned to deliver his infamous Trump impersonation. Maya Rudolph cameo’d as Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris. Woody Harrelson transformed into a creepy, hair-sniffing caricature of Joe Biden.

There were non-political skits too, like SNL‘s take on the Downton Abbey movie trailer. Still, while everyone gave strong performances for the season opener, Bryant was arguably the most endearing for not taking herself too seriously.

In fact, Bryant lost her composure a second time during the premiere — trying to pull off the end-of-the-night “Apple Picking Ad” alongside Kate McKinnon. And it only makes us love her more.

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