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George Clooney Celebrates 5 Years With Amal by Growing a Massive Beard

True love can change a man — and in the case of George Clooney, that change has taken place all over his face. Today marked a rather important milestone for the A-list actor, but alas, George and Amal Clooney’s five-year anniversary has been upstaged by George’s giant beard, a new development that has us absolutely gobsmacked. We cannot stress enough how very happy we are for this lovely, charitable, talented, attractive couple, and their five years of wedded bliss. Then again, George chose this moment in time to transform himself into a live-action Santa Claus, so we’re going to need to focus on that.

George’s new facial hair has not gone unnoticed by the masses, with many men’s magazines in particular taking to Twitter to express their support. “The true power lies in the majesty of his mustache,” Esquire notes. “Great beard work, George,” GQ adds to the conversation, following up an earlier tweet on the same topic in which they’d declared “just phenomenal beard work by George Clooney.” Good Men takes a more practical approach: “George Clooney Has Grown a Mighty Beard,” they write. “Here’s How to Get One for Yourself.” Cool.

Now that we’ve prepared you — are you ready to see it? No, seriously: Take a breath and steel yourselves. From this moment forward, your image of George Clooney will never be the same. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Here’s a basic first look:

Here’s a nice before and after:

Here’s Clooney being professional, alongside his beard:

Lazy loaded image
Alastair Grant/AP/Shutterstock. Alastair Grant/AP/Shutterstock.

And here Clooney is riding horses in Madrid with the beard:

Anyway, happy anniversary to George and Amal! May they have many more wonderful beards — sorry, years — together to come.

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