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Danielle Brooks Getting Her Makeup Done Lying Down Is 3rd-Trimester Reality

If we could all get our makeup done lying down, pregnant or not, we probably would. In fact, that’s exactly what one pregnant celebrity just did: Orange Is the New Black actress Danielle Brooks lay down to get her makeup done in a new Instagram post. The actress, now in her third trimester with a baby girl on the way, posted a Boomerang on Instagram of herself fully napping while a makeup artist applied powder and foundation, and, listen: We hear you.

In the video, Brooks lies in a bed, her baby bump front and center, while makeup artist Michael D. Patterson takes care of everything. Brooks captioned the photo, “The only way you should get your makeup applied in your 3rd trimester.” Truth.

Fan response was positive, with many saying this really is how everyone should have their makeup done. “Only in your 3rd trimester? More like how you should always have your makeup done everyday,” said one. Another fan wrote that pregnancy does have its advantages: “U look so comfortable! i miss those last few weeks. EVERYBODY bended at my will lol,” they wrote. And Glow actress Britney Young jumped in with “Girl, I’m not even pregnant and this is how I want to get my makeup applied.” She’s not wrong.

The third trimester can be hard, whether you’re a celebrity or not. According to What to Expect, mothers around this time commonly experience stomach pain, fatigue, heartburn, and backaches. No wonder Brooks was ready for a nap, whether it was time to put on makeup or not.

It’s understandable that Brooks would be lying down and sleeping while having her makeup done. Entering your third trimester in the public eye has to produce so much unnecessary stress during an already stressful time. If Brooks can be pampered and catch some Z’s while getting glam, all the better.

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