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Jenna Dewan’s Daughter Has the Sweetest Response to Being a Future Big Sister

Kids have unique reactions to finding out they’re getting a sibling. In the case of Jenna Dewan’s pregnancy reveal, daughter Everly has big-sister pride. The Step Up actress announced on Tuesday that she was expecting a child with Broadway star Steve Kazee, and it seems that Everly, 6, Dewan’s daughter with ex-husband Channing Tatum, couldn’t be happier.

In a post to Dewan’s Instagram story, the actress shared a shot of Everly in a darling pink dress with a horse on it, rocking a “Big Sister” ribbon on her chest. “My heart can’t take it,” Dewan wrote. Earlier this year, Everly and Kazee were spotted going for a walk together and bonding, as People reports. Dewan has been dating Kazee since October of last year, and Everly is said to have an “amazing” relationship with him, as a source told People.

When Kazee posted his thoughts about Dewan’s pregnancy, he called Everly a “supernova” who has “taught me so much about what it means to love and communicate with a child and I can’t wait to give her a sibling and make our little family a little bit bigger.”

Dewan captioned her official Instagram pregnancy announcement: “Becoming a mother is quite simply the absolute best most incredible thing that has ever happened to me. @stevekazee you are a gift from above and I couldn’t be more excited to be expanding our family together…! Thank you guys for all the love!!” The caption accompanied a pic of herself and Everly snuggling.

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Image: Jenna Dewan/Instagram. Jenna Dewan/Instagram.


The mother and daughter have created some amazing memories on social media. Everly recently met the Tooth Fairy, leading to a $5 bill and a beautiful note written by the Tooth Fairy herself. The actress also regularly posts photos of Everly heading off to school, capturing those moments before they’re gone in the blink of an eye.

Having a new sibling can be tough, but so far it looks like mom and daughter are ready for it. Here’s hoping Everly and her new little brother or sister get along like gangbusters.

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