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Suits Is So Obsessed With Former Star Meghan Markle, They Even Joked About Prince Harry in the Series Finale

It was a sad day for Suits fans yesterday, as the legal drama aired its last-ever episode after nine years. But as far as goodbyes go, the show kept things light — the Suits series finale even referenced Prince Harry, and showed flashbacks to former star (and current Duchess of Sussex) Meghan Markle. The show has poked fun at Meghan’s current circumstances once before, but the nod to Harry in this finale was unexpected — and a sign that Suits remains very proud of its association with the Sussex royals.

The reference came at an emotional moment in the finale: Louis and Sheila’s wedding day, during which Harvey of course can’t resist giving Louis a hard time. “Wait a second. Are you wearing a morning coat?” Harvey asks the groom-to-be. “Of course I’m wearing a morning coat. Frankly, I’m disappointed you’re not,” Louis retorts. Harvey jokes back: “Louis, you’re not the prince of England.” Zing! Nailed it.

The Sussex references didn’t stop there. The episode also included a montage featuring many of Meghan Markle’s character Rachel’s important moments from the show. Rachel had been a key character since the very first episode back in 2011, and continued to play a lead role up until Meghan’s departure at the end of Season 7. The series finale made it clear that her presence on the show will not be forgotten.

When Meghan left the show, co-star Patrick J. Adams left with her, and many feel the show hasn’t been the same since. It’s difficult for a drama to recover from losing two of its leads, but nine years is also an exceptionally long run — it may just be that Suits had finished telling its story. Either way, the finale was sweet, sentimental, and satisfying. The Meghan and Harry references were just the cherry on top.

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