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Jason Bateman Might Join Ryan Reynolds in the Clue Reboot, So Prepare for a Hysterical Whodunit

You may be getting tired of hearing about cult classics being adapted for modern audiences, but you gotta make room in your heart for just one more — if all goes according to plan, Jason Bateman will join Ryan Reynolds to reboot Clue. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Emmy-winning Ozark actor is in talks to helm the upcoming live-action remake of the 1985 film starring heavy-hitters like Tim Curry and Christopher Lloyd.

Technically, the new movie will be an adaptation of an adaptation, albeit different breeds. The original was an adaptation of the Hasbro board game by the same name, and so the modern version will be an adaptation of both. As reported last year, Reynolds will star in and produce the reboot for Fox/Disney. But Bateman’s involvement is breaking news. Per Deadline, if he does confirm his commitment, he’ll also be pulling double-duty as director and one of the film’s iconic characters.

And, c’mon, this is going to be one hilarious whodunit. Although it’s still way too early to know which roles Reynolds and Bateman will tackle, our money is on Bateman playing Mr. Green. You can see it too, right? Since Reynolds is backing the production, our best guess for him would be the central character: Wadsworth.

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Of course, the original characters might not appear in the same capacity. The reboot might take a more modern approach, like Dwayne Johnson’s Jumanji — in which the original story simply serves as a springboard for a digital sort of retelling.

Due to its very early stage of production, a release date for the film hasn’t yet been released. However, if Bateman does sign on, it stands to reason he’ll have to work his schedule around Netflix’s Ozark. The series, for which Bateman just won best directing Emmy, started production for the latest season this week.

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