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Kelly Ripa Says She’d Need a ‘Plastic Surgeon’ to Get Husband Mark Consuelos’ Abs

Life is full of injustices, which led Kelly Ripa to joke she’d need a plastic surgeon to get husband Mark Consuelos’ toned body on her show. The injustice here, according to Ripa, is the fact that her super-chiseled husband is able to maintain his shirtless physique with much less effort than it takes Ripa to stay in shape. Of course, she does get to come home to Consuelos — so, it might be an “outrage,” but it’s one that Ripa probably doesn’t get too upset over IRL.

Ripa voiced her faux annoyance on the Wednesday episode of Live With Kelly and Ryan, and it all started with a selfie. You may be thinking Consuelos sent his wife a selfie, but — in fact, the selfie was sent to Ryan Seacrest. “He sent me a photograph of himself a couple of weeks ago,” Seacrest, Ripa’s co-host, revealed. He then added that Consuelos said of the selfie, which was shirtless, “Don’t show Kelly.” Why didn’t he want his wife to see? Well, apparently Consuelos’ fit physique is a thorn in Ripa’s side.

“I would need a plastic surgeon” to look like her husband, whom she called “shredded and glistening.” She’s not wrong.

Really, Ripa’s reason for getting “irritated” is relatable for a lot of women — our metabolisms tend to work differently than men’s, especially as we get older. “Whereas Mark just needs to not drink half-and-half for one cup of coffee,” Ripa said. “He’s like, ‘Oh, I didn’t drink half-and-half and then I took a steam shower. I think I look pretty good, what do you think?'” Ripa said of how easy it is for Consuelos to get ripped. “I’m like, ‘I can’t talk to you anymore.’ That’s a bunch of B.S. It’s nonsense.”

Ripa pointed out that men over 40 “don’t suffer the way” that women do. (If this is Exhibit A, please refer to Ripa teaching Seacrest about mammograms as Exhibit B.) Having said that, we can’t feel too sorry for Ripa considering she admittedly has the kind of metabolism that lets her binge-eat the most revered food group. “I have the metabolism and the blood type that eats carbs. That burns pasta. I eat bread and I eat pasta,” she said.

Still, Ripa says it’s a good thing her day job doesn’t have the same requirements as Consuelos’ oft-shirtless Riverdale role. She noted, laughing, “Fortunately for me, my TV show requires that I wear clothes for all times.” We’d like to note here that all bodies are beautiful bodies as far as we’re concerned, but a little marital ribbing never hurt anyone.

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