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Dame Helen Mirren’s Next-Level Red Carpet Entrance Is Going On Our Vision Board Immediately

There are stars, and then there are legends — and Dame Helen Mirren’s entrance at HBO’s Catherine the Great premiere in London was so next-level, it leaves little doubt about which category she belongs. If you’ve ever needed something to strive for in life, let your inspo look like this queen being toted down the red carpet by her own personal posse of manservants.

On Wednesday, Mirren did something that many entertainers do when promoting an upcoming project — she attended a premiere. In this case, it was the U.K. premiere of the upcoming period series Catherine the Great, in which Mirren plays the 18th-century Russian empress. Though walking the red carpet is run-of-the-mill for celebrities, the way in which Mirren made her way down the red carpet was anything but average. She was carried in an 18th century-style litter carriage by four men dressed in ornate, 18th century-style ensembles.

Perched in the regal box lined with pale blue velvet, Mirren certainly looked the part, dripping in diamonds and topaz jewelry and carrying a Le Monde Beryl clutch. In other words, she quite literally ruled the red carpet. Finally, the world recognizes that this international treasure deserves to be exalted. All hail Dame Helen!

Obviously, Mirren’s HBIC attitude only makes us want to watch Catherine the Great even more. The series, which premieres October 21, explores the story of the misunderstood female ruler who held her power for a record-breaking 34 years. The first glimpse of Mirren in the role came earlier this month by way of the first official trailer and, well, it seems readily apparent that Mirren was born to play this role.

Come to think of it, this is Mirren’s third turn at playing a monarch — she has already portrayed Queen Elizabeth I (in 2005’s Elizabeth I) and Queen Elizabeth II (in 2006’s The Queen). Considering this, and how natural she looks being carried around in her own personal cart, we’re inclined to believe Mirren must have been royalty in another life.

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