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Meghan Markle Just Revealed Baby Archie’s Nickname — & It’s So Unexpected

Just when you thought the House of Sussex couldn’t get any more interesting, Meghan Markle revealed her nickname for baby Archie — and it’s not exactly what you’d expect from the royal family. Having said that, it’s utterly precious, making it a perfect choice for Meghan and Prince Harry’s oh-so-sweet, 4-month-old son.

As you well know, the Sussex family is currently on a 10-day royal tour of South Africa. While Archie has been hanging back (presumably with a royal caretaker) for some of these visits, he made a surprise appearance on Wednesday. In a video of the family of three visiting human rights activist Archbishop Desmond Tutu and his daughter, Thandeka Tutu-Gxashe, Meghan can be heard referring to her son by a moniker that obviously isn’t his given name. “Say hello! Hello, hi,” she says, before realizing her little boy is drooling. “Oh, Bubba!” she says. And Meghan seemingly calls her son “Bubba” again in a video the couple shared on their Instagram story during the visit.

So, Bubba? We can get on board with that. Adorably, that wasn’t the only revelation to come out about baby Archie. When the little one laughed in response to Tutu-Gxashe laughing, she joked to him, “You like me best, yes! Oh, you like the ladies better.” To which Meghan confirmed, “He likes to flirt.”

Flirty little baby Bubba proved to be a perfect gentleman throughout his parents’ meeting, smiling and laughing while sitting calmly in his mom’s lap. Clearly, he inherited a double dose of charm from Meghan and Harry. The nickname “Bubba” seems to fit, right? It feels like a name for a super laidback, friendly baby.

Of course, Archie isn’t the only little royal to have his nickname go public. In May, Prince William could be heard in a video referring to his middle child with Kate Middleton, Princess Charlotte, by a rather elegant nickname: “Mignonne.” The word is a derivative of the French feminine “mignonnet,” meaning “dainty,” or Middle French “mignon,” meaning “darling.”

The royal family seems to have a real knack for picking precious terms of endearment for their kids.

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