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Channing Tatum Is Just a Regular Guy in These Amazing Unearthed Photos

Before he was a bona fide movie star, Channing Tatum was just a regular guy. Need proof? We have it. Old photos of Tatum and his college girlfriend have surfaced, and we can thank one Twitter user for supplying the evidence. When the tweeter discovered she was just a few degrees separated from the Magic Mike star, she decided to grace the world with some throwback photos of Tatum. And, boy, are these good: There’s absolutely no denying that this regular (albeit very handsome) teenage guy is, in fact, a young, pre-fame Channing Tatum.

The user writes: “my boyfriends mom dated Channing Tatum in high school and she found photos of them last night shook” in a tweet that has been liked over 300,000 times. She later clarified that the photos were actually taken while Tatum and his ex were in college at Greenville State.

As it turns out, Tatum isn’t the only Hollywood heartthrob who was just a regular guy at one point in time (crazy, right?). Another Twitter user replied to this post to share that her mom dated one of them way back when. “Jealousssss. My mom dated rob Lowe in elementary school. He was her first kiss & she still brags about it,” the user writes. Rob Lowe and Channing Tatum’s before-they-were-famous exes in the same thread?! Be still, our hearts.

The woman in these photos isn’t the only Channing Tatum ex who is making headlines at the moment: These photos surface as the world learns that Tatum’s ex-wife, Jenna Dewan, is expecting a baby with her boyfriend, Steve Kazee.

It’s hard to imagine our favorite celebrities as regular people, but these photos are a reminder that even the most famous people lived lives before Hollywood came calling — and if you look hard enough, you just might find that you’re more closely connected to one of your favorite stars than you ever imagined.

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