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Meryl Streep Will Narrate the Audiobook for This Classic Children’s Novel & Our Inner Child Is Delighted

We have some terrific news — in fact, you might even say it’s “radiant.” And since we don’t have a web to weave it in, here goes: Meryl Streep will narrate a new Charlotte’s Web audiobook, making the award-winning actress the first person to do so since author E.B. White’s original recording nearly 50 years ago.

We all know and love the story, right? First published in 1952, White’s story takes readers to a farm where a livestock pig (that’s “some pig!”) named Wilbur is saved by his human BFF, Fern. As Fern grows older and gets distracted, Wilbur’s life is once again in jeopardy until a wise barn spider named Charlotte — along with the rest of the lovable farm animals — intervenes to save him. Now, not only will fans of the classic get to hear Streep use her distinctive voice to narrate the tale, but she will also be joined by a full cast of veteran audiobook narrators: January LaVoy as Charlotte, Kirby Heyborne as Wilbur and MacLeod Andrews as Templeton, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The new recording, which is being produced by Penguin Random House Audio, already has a sweet cover courtesy of artist Melissa Sweet. It goes on sale this fall and will be available for download on Oct. 29.

When news broke that Streep would be at the helm of this beloved childhood classic, comedian and actor Billy Eichner quickly voiced his desire to be involved. “LET ME PLAY WILBUR DAMMIT,” he tweeted on Monday afternoon.

Of course, there are two inherent problems with his wish. No. 1, the role has already been filled. No. 2, fans pointed out that he would never work as Wilbur any way.  “I love you, but you’re a born Templeton,” commented one, with another adding, “I know you think that’d be a good idea. But hear me out…… TEMPLETON.”

Admittedly, the fans have a point. But perhaps it isn’t too late for Eichner to be a part of this iconic tale. With the popularity of live-action remakes right now (Eichner just played Timon in The Lion King), maybe it’s time to bring Charlotte’s Web to the big screen. Streep as the voice of Charlotte and Eichner voicing Templeton? Yes, please.

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