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Heidi Klum on What Her Kids Think of Her New Husband, Tom Kaulitz

Welcoming a parent’s new spouse into the fold isn’t always easy, but Heidi Klum and new husband Tom Kaulitz seem to be handling the transition just fine. Klum shared details about her Kaulitz’s relationship with her children, and the whole clan appears to be happily settling in to their new normal.

Klum, who shares three children with her ex-husband, Seal, and also has a daughter from a previous relationship, married the German guitarist last month. Her take on how her children feel about their new stepfather? It’s simple: “So far, so good!” the supermodel told Us Weekly at a post-Emmys party on Sunday.

That’s not all we know, though — Kaulitz provided some additional details about his relationship with Klum’s brood. He even shared that he’s been teaching his stepchildren how to play the guitar. “I think it’s working out pretty good,” he said, as per Us Weekly. “Of course [teaching them guitar] goes with it. I’m a full-time musician, and I’m doing music all day long. So, yeah, that’s part of it.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen evidence of this family’s happy dynamic. As we previously reported, Klum had her children by her side as she married Kaulitz in a breathtaking private ceremony. And when asked if her children like her then-boyfriend last year, Klum answered promptly. “Yeah, they do!” she told Us Weekly. Again, sounds simple enough!

While family dynamics can get complicated when a parent gets married to a new partner, it seems like this family has perfected the art of adding new members and blending multiple units. Also worth noting? Both parties in this marriage are really, really ridiculously good-looking.

Klum and Kaulitz didn’t get too deep on how Klum’s children (Leni, 15; Henry, 14; Jonah, 12; and Lou, 9) are taking to their new stepfather, but we can tell it’s all good. And the newlyweds themselves? Well, they’re obviously having the time of their lives and are very much in love.

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