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J.Lo Just Walked the Versace Show in Her Iconic Grammys Dress & Twitter is Losing It

The queen, the legend, the diva: J.Lo has done it again. 20 years after she broke everyone’s brain in 2000 with a plunging green dress at the Grammys, Jennifer Lopez wore the iconic green Grammys dress at Milan Fashion Week, cementing Versace’s spring 2020 show as the event of the season. It wasn’t the exact same dress (though we do wonder whether she still owns it): It was a reimagined, updated version, and Lopez walked out in it to wild applause. While the dress may have subtly changed, there’s one thing no one can deny: 20 years later, Lopez looks better than ever.

In case this alone wasn’t good enough (it totally was), Donatella Versace added a pop of drama to the reveal. After the models had finished their walks, Versace’s voice came on over the speakers. “Google, show me pictures of that green Versace dress,” she said, as WWD reports. With images of that dress filling the video screens around the space, Versace asked in her voiceover to see the real thing. And Lopez delivered, to a standing ovation.

Twitter, being Twitter, has promptly lost its mind over this development, accurately reflecting the current mood and level of calm about this 20-year-old throwback. (Hint: there is no calm.) “Twenty years after Google Image Search was invented for her, in this dress – @JLo takes to the @Versace runway,” one tweet read. Another added: “oh my god J.Lo walked in the Versace show in THE dress(ish).”

Still breathing? Excellent. Allow us to remind you that this was also the year J.Lo got engaged, starred in massive hit feature film Hustlers, and (probably) booked the 2020 Super Bowl halftime show. Is there anything this woman can’t do?!

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