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Jennifer Garner Posts a Hilarious Post-Dentist Video & We’re Drooling Just Watching It

Who doesn’t love a trip to the dentist? Jennifer Garner posted a hilarious post-dentist video to her Instagram yesterday, and it’s leaving all of us in stitches. The actress, whose children have dubbed her the “fun-killer,” recorded a video of herself doing a tongue-twister after her mouth was numbed at the dentist.

The result is several seconds of fun as Garner tried her hardest to get the words out. “What a to-do to die today, the minute or two to two,” she started, beginning a classic elocution exercise. Slurring her words, she continued: “A thing distinctly hard to say, but harder still to do. We’ll beat a tattoo, at twenty to two, with a rat-tat-tat-tat-tat-tat-tat-tat-tattoo, and the dragon will come to the beat of the drum at a minute or two till two today, at a minute or two till two.”

She took aim at the dentist himself in the caption, writing, “It’s just a small procedure, he said. Not even a cavity, he said. 🤐🤣🤐 #numbnumb #sonumb #numbitynumb.”

By the end of the video, Garner was laughing and covering her mouth, perhaps to prevent that post-Novacaine drool from coming out. We’ve all been there! Garner regularly posts humorous videos on her Instagram, including the time she pulled out a lemonade stand to take on the ice cream truck or the time she dispelled pregnancy rumors with cookies and wine.

The actress has had quite the year after getting her groove back post-divorce from actor Ben Affleck. Earlier this year, she urged college graduates not to vape at her alma mater, Dennison University, and graced the cover of People’s Most Beautiful issue. She’s set to lead the new Apple TV+ limited series My Glory Was I Had Such Friends, based on Amy Silverstein’s memoir about her heart transplant and the friends who supported her.

Don’t worry about Garner, though — she’s likely back to her perfect elocution. Dentists say dental numbing typically lasts between 30 to 90 minutes.

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