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Brad Pitt Says He Has a ‘Crush’ on Dax Shepard — & Shepard Feels the Same Way

Everyone has celebrity crushes — including other celebrities. Dax Shepard has long spoken about his love for Brad Pitt, and this past week, Pitt returned the sentiment. Pitt said he has a “crush” on Shepard while on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and DeGeneres herself caught Shepard’s reaction. The result is one of the cutest video clips — and purest expressions of sincere affection — you’ll see all week (also, it includes another heart-melting story about Shepard’s adorable family).

DeGeneres first posted the video clip to Twitter, with the caption: “Who doesn’t want a video of Brad Pitt confessing their love to you?” Shepard then retweeted it, adding: “What a day to be alive.”

In the clip, DeGeneres is talking to Pitt as a guest on her show, and mentions that Shepard “is in love with [him].” She continues: “Every time he’s here, Dax Shepard — take a look at this clip of how obsessed he is with Brad.” She then shows a series of video clips in which Shepard says over and over how much he loves Brad Pitt (we feel you, Dax!).

The video also shows Shepard watching this video clip — so while these clips of Shepard gushing over Pitt play, we also see Shepard freaking out in the corner of the screen. Pitt, however, is absolutely loving it. “Do you know that Dax Shepard has a crush on you?” DeGeneres asks. “I have a bit of a crush on Dax Shepherd,” Pitt replies.

As if we hadn’t been granted enough cuteness, Shepard then shares a story from earlier that day once he recovers from the Pitt love. “My wife and two kids snuck into my dressing room before I got here,” he tells the audience. “And it, you know, made me cry, to answer that question. These little rascals, what they did is they vandalized my room with a love bomb.”

Behind him, the screen shows drawings his daughters, 4-year-old Delta and 6-year-old Lincoln, had hung around his dressing room with wife Kristen Bell. There’s literally the word “love” written all over his dressing room walls. And now we’re crying too. Shepard has love coming in from all directions these days — and DeGeneres may have a new calling as celebrity matchmaker to boot.

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