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Mayim Bialik Has Her First Post-Big Bang Theory TV Gig, & It Reunites Her with Jim Parsons

If you’ve never quite been able to fill the showhole left by The Big Bang Theory, perk up — Mayim Bialik and Jim Parsons have a new series in the works. That’s right; Amy Farrah-Fowlers and Sheldon Cooper are reuniting. Well, sort of. The former co-stars are coming together to co-produce a comedy for Fox called Carla and, bonus, it involves a cat café.

You need more information, obviously. So, here’s what we know so far. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bialik will star in the multicamera comedy that is based on the BBC U.K. original series Miranda created by comedian Miranda Hunt (for the record, the BBC version was hilarious, so you should definitely watch that, too). In case you’re unfamiliar with the premise, Miranda is a socially inept 39-year-old woman who, despite having daily cringe-worthy moments, proves to be pretty darn awkwardly endearing.

In Bialik’s Carla, the title character spends the money her parents set aside for her one-day wedding to open a cat café in Louisville, Kentucky. So, it all sounds very Miranda-ish already. Bialik is clearly pumped, as she took to Instagram to share the news, gushing, “We could not be more excited to work together and bring you this show which features SO MANY CATS!!!!”

Fox reportedly won the rights to the series in a competitive bidding situation, meaning they were willing to take the risk of paying a commitment penalty if it ultimately isn’t picked up. But let’s be real — the network has to realize they could be sitting on a potential goldmine given the fact that The Big Bang Theory was one of the most successful comedies of the last decade (and the most-watched for Fox).

Since there’s no word yet on whether the series will be picked up, it’s difficult to say when it would possibly air. It’s also still unclear whether Parsons will make any cameos. But we’re keeping our fingers crossed that it does go to series. When that happens, we’re hoping the network is savvy enough about its viewers to toss in a few Amy and Sheldon Easter eggs along the way.

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