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Hilaria Baldwin Defends Her Early Pregnancy Announcement After a Miscarriage, But She Shouldn’t Have To

Revealing that you’re expecting is typically cause for celebration, but for one Hollywood mom, it has inexplicably turned into something to be shamed over. Hilaria Baldwin is defending her early pregnancy announcement after having a miscarriage — and, wait, what? We’re not sure what perplexes us more: the fact that pregnancy-announcement-shaming is now a thing, or the fact that society makes women feel like they need to justify the very personal decisions they make regarding their own bodies.

Hilaria announced her fifth pregnancy with husband Alec Baldwin on Thursday, sharing in an Instagram video, “It is still very early, but we have learned that there is a little person inside of me.” Hilaria went on to say that the sound of the baby’s strong heartbeat bolstered her in light of the fact they’d lost a baby in the spring. The happy parents — who share Carmen, 6, Rafael, 4, Leonardo, 3, and Romeo, 16 months — are excited and wanted their family, friends and followers to know. Sweet, right?

Sadly, there always has to be at least one person who finds something negative to harp on in any situation. “Can’t understand that,” one person commented on the first-trimester announcement. “If [Hilaria] wants to remain peacefully why does she decide to expose her pregnancy at an early stage and take the risks instead of listening to the doctor’s orders.”

To her credit, Hilaria took the time to write out a thoughtful and measured response that, quite frankly, makes a ton of sense. “Because people poke around and try to find out what is going on,” she wrote. “When you simply share what is happening, you take the story into your own hands and they tend to leave you alone more. Secrets are only interesting when they are secrets. Reports of my belly growing or my appearance changing spark rumors. That brings attention. Me coming out and saying what is going on gets the news out there … then they move on to the next story.”

Hilaria has suffered a heartbreaking loss in the recent past, and it has informed her personal approach to pregnancy. We totally get it. She wants to celebrate her pregnancy. That’s her prerogative, and she doesn’t owe an explanation to anyone. The fact that she offered one up willingly and gracefully? Also her choice.

So, Hilaria is reclaiming her narrative. But here’s the thing: She shouldn’t have to. The only person who gets to decide when to announce her pregnancy is the pregnant woman. Women should be allowed to announce their pregnancy as early or as late as they feel comfortable.

And, no, other people don’t have to celebrate or even agree with it. But they should respect a woman’s right to do what she feels is best for her body and her family. Don’t like their decision? Eyeroll and scroll.

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