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Ryan Reynolds Calling His Kids Names on Instagram Is All of Us

Kids: We love them, but sometimes their loud unpredictability can lead to exhaustion. Ryan Reynolds joked he can’t sleep because his kids are “assholes,” and, honestly, we get it. In a post promoting his Aviation Gin yesterday, Reynolds initially started the post by shouting out his photographer, stylist, and hairstylist. “Bags under my eyes by two thankless assholes who refused to go to bed the night before, despite the fact I read them Winnie the Pooh and nearly half of Stephen King’s The Shining,” he wrote.

ICYMI, the “assholes” he’s referring to are his children with actress Blake Lively, 4-year-old James and 2-year-old Inez. The couple are expecting a third child, which we imagine will only add to the chaos.

Reynolds may be making jokes at his kids’ expense, but we’ve seen plenty of celebrity parents put their parenting woes out into the world before. Jennifer Garner revealed earlier this week that her three children call her a “fun-killer,” and parents Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union have documented daughter Kaavia practically stealing food out of their mouths. We’re guessing they can understand Reynold’s pain.

Reynolds regularly has fun on Instagram. Back in March, he posted a hilarious throwback Thursday photo from his childhood, and he has also engaged in a longtime prank war with X-Men actor Hugh Jackman that finally ended in February of this year.

The actor got quite a bit of appreciation from others for his most recent post. Dwayne Johnson responded with, “Love these shots and love your gin. Oh but I’m an ‘asshole’ cos I wanted you to read the second half of the Shining?” Even Lively, who was trolled by her husband via Instagram on her birthday, left a comment simply saying, “Feeling very happy about my life choices right about now.” You know what they say — the couple that plays together (on social media) stays together!

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