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Eva Amurri Martino Just Revealed Her Current Pregnancy Craving, & It’s So Relatable

Hey, creating a tiny human inside of you is tough stuff. You’re bound to work up an appetite, right? In a super-relatable moment, Susan Sarandon’s daughter Eva Amurri Martino revealed her current pregnancy craving — and, yep, we’ve been there. Expecting or not, you’re probably going to want to make a quick run to Trader Joe’s after hearing the foodie demand being made by Martino’s burgeoning bump.

ICYMI, it’s been an exciting week for lifestyle blogger and her family. On Monday, she and husband Kyle Martino shared that the third child they’re expecting is a son. The little one will join big sister Marlowe Mae, 5, and big brother Major James, 2 ½. “I’m beyond thrilled, and feel this is the perfect combination for our family,” Martino wrote on her Happily Eva After blog. “I can’t wait to snuggle another little boyfriend, and I absolutely love that Marlowe is still my only girl. We love going on special ‘girls’ trips’ together and from the moment I got pregnant I was secretly hoping that those trips could remain just the two of us.”

After making the big gender reveal announcement, Martino obviously needed to refuel. Taking to her Instagram Stories, she shared a snapshot of a plate of squash, pasta and chicken covered in a pale green sauce. “My pregnancy MO is ‘all the condiments all the time,'” she confessed, adding, “This is the jalapeno sauce from Trader Joe’s.”

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Image: Eva Amurri Martino/Instagram. Eva Amurri Martino/Instagram.

Oh yeah, we can respect that. If you’re curious, Trader Joe’s describes their Jalapeño Sauce as being pretty darn spicy — the recipe is over 50 percent jalapeños, so it’s definitely bringing the heat. The good news is that NPR debunked the old wives’ tale about spicy food inducing labor, so Martino can continue to enjoy as long as she doesn’t suffer from a legitimate pregnancy side effect: heartburn!

Since Martino shared on her blog that she suffered from all-day “morning sickness” the first 11 weeks of this pregnancy, we’re glad she’s able to enjoy food again at this point. Here’s hoping for a happy, heartburn-free pregnancy filled with plenty of jalapeño sauce goodness.

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