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Ellen DeGeneres’ New Puppy Is the Cutest Dog Ever — & You Can Adopt Her Mom

Just when you thought she couldn’t get any more likable, Ellen DeGeneres adopted a new poodle puppy and instantly morphed into just about the more adorable dog mom you can imagine. And even better? In addition to bringing home her cute little canine companion, DeGeneres is trying to get the word out — her pup’s mom is still searching for a fur-ever home.

DeGeneres shared the good news on Tuesday’s Ellen, so eagerly she could barely even get the words out. “I’m talking fast because I’m excited, because I want to tell you something exciting. We rescued a puppy,” DeGeneres told the audience, who understandably cheered upon hearing the announcement. “She’s so cute, I can’t even take it. She’s very adorable, pretty and precious. And she knows it,” DeGeneres gushed while showing off dozens of pictures of her new pup (an impressive feat considering she and wife Portia de Rossi only rescued the dog last Wednesday!).

As if DeGeneres’ newfound obsession with her rescue pup wasn’t cute enough, the TV host revealed something even more precious: the dog’s name, Mrs. Wallis Browning. They plan to call her Wallis for short. And it isn’t lost on DeGeneres that she and de Rossi are now those people. “We’re like new parents,” she admitted.

Sadly, like so many rescue dogs, Wallis didn’t come from the best situation. “Wallis is three months old. And she unfortunately was with some irresponsible people. She was kept in a cage outside of the desert since she was two months old,” DeGeneres shared, revealing that the puppy had never been able to do normal puppy things like play fetch or tug-of-war over her toys. Happily, all that is changing for little Wallis. After all, in all her little doggy dreams, she probably never imagined she would “live next door to Oprah.”

Clearly, DeGeneres is doing her part to raise awareness about pet adoption. As she pointed out, Wallis is a standard poodle. So, you really can adopt not shop, even if you’re hoping to bring home a purebred pup. DeGeneres even has a dog in mind that might be the perfect fit for your family: Wallis’ mom.

During the segment, DeGeneres shared a photo from the Wagmor — the Studio City, California, rescue where she and de Rossi adopted their new pup.

According to the rescue group, all of Wallis’ littermates have found homes but that the mama dog remains up for adoption. Based on our sleuthing (aka poring over the rescue’s pictures and videos of sweet adoptables), mama dog is a three-year-old purebred standard poodle who was tragically used for breeding her entire life. The gorgeous girl’s name is Barbie.

So as DeGeneres joked, if you’ve ever wanted to be related to her, now’s your chance.

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