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Hilary Duff’s 11-Month-Old Daughter Is Already Following in Her Parents’ Musical Footsteps

Hollywood’s next big star could be in the making! Though she’s pretty little right now, new videos of Hilary Duff’s daughter, Banks singing and playing piano hint at budding musical talent. Or — at least an early interest in music of some kind. Duff shared a few sneak peeks at some quality time between her fiancé, Matthew Koma, and their 11-month-old, and the bonding experience certainly seemed to end on a, uh, high note.

In the first Instagram story, Koma sits in a chair and strums a guitar. Just behind him, Banks “plays” a miniature pink piano along with her dad. It’s what you might call … a real banger. It doesn’t take long for the toddler to get distracted, though, and as she crawls away and Koma tries to convince her to come back and finish their set, Duff can be heard joking, “Band practice is over, honey.” But all’s well that ends well, and Duff’s final family-band clip shows Koma and Banks doing “vocal warm-ups.” As the little girl digs through her toys, she and Koma harmonize.

Of course, it wouldn’t be super surprising if Banks does end up being musically adept. Her famous mom and dad are both in the biz, so to speak. In fact, Koma co-wrote the songs “Arms Around a Memory,” “Confetti,” and the title track from Duff’s 2015 studio album Breathe In, Breathe Out, as Harper’s Bazaar reports.

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Images: Hilary Duff/Instagram. Hilary Duff/Instagram.

It will be interesting to see if Duff changes her previous stance on her children following in her famous footsteps. In 2016, Duff admitted that her son, Luca Cruz (with ex-husband Mike Comrie), was “very dramatic like his mom, and he can definitely put on a show,” as E! News reports. But when she was asked if she could see him going into the industry, Duff was reluctant. “I don’t want him to be an actor or an athlete,” she said. “I’m thinking more of like a chef or something else outside of getting his teeth knocked out or dealing with public scrutiny or the pressures of this industry.”

Duff should know. In addition to her experience as an actor and musician starting when she was young, she’s also endured a heightened level of public scrutiny since having kids of her own. Back in July, the Younger actress caught major heat from mommy-shamers who didn’t think Banks was old enough to get her ears pierced. Fortunately, though, Duff seems to take the criticism in stride. When Banks wouldn’t stop playing in the dog’s water bowl, the easygoing mom-of-two shared videos of the funny moment — despite the possibility of negative feedback from social media sanctimommies.

Good for her! She doesn’t need that noise in her life. Judging by her new videos of Banks and Koma’s jam session, Duff gets all the (welcome) noise she needs right at home.

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