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Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Celebrate Their Anniversary With an All-too-Relatable Sex Joke

Married life is grand, especially if you’re a celebrity power couple. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s anniversary trip to Paris has been legendary — and they’ve been sharing it all with their Insta-fans. But even Teigen and Legend’s dreamy European vacay has some elements that we can relate to. In a cheeky Instagram caption accompanying a pic of the pair posing on a staircase, Teigen shared a sex joke with Legend: “Ok fine. I love you, baby. I love our life and our babies and you. So much. Here’s to 13 more years of doin it on the semi reg.”

Doin’ it on the semi-reg! Sounds like Teigen and Legend’s version of married life is similar to what it looks like for most people, and for that, we’re grateful. Teigen also posted a shot of herself relaxing with her husband on Monday that made sure to shout-out her hair and makeup team for traveling with her and “going to the sexy shop for us.” Wait, maybe they aren’t so much like us after all. For starters, we definitely don’t have hair and makeup traveling around the world with us. Also, more importantly, what exactly is the “sexy shop”? Inquiring minds want to know.

Whatever the case may be, Teigen and Legend are clearly having a vacation to remember. In one particularly stunning photo, Legend shared a shot of his love clad in a white dress with a matching feathered robe and high heels, sitting on a boat. He captioned the photo, “Anniversary night on the Seine. I love you forever. Here’s to many more beautiful nights.” The singer, who finally stepped up to the plate and started working on his Instagram game, made sure to tag the photo #GoodInstagramHusband.

When the couple isn’t talking about their love life, they’re showing us how amazing their vacations are. Earlier this year, they spent time with their children, Luna and Miles, at an undisclosed tropical location where they filled their days with paddle-boarding. They also traveled to Italy this summer. Just a few weeks ago, the family was on another vacation, this time to Thailand, where little Luna was showed us she had inherited her mother’s modeling chops.

Yes, the Teigen-Legends are showing us a way of life we can only dream of, but their photos present us with a look at a darling family that we can all take as our own. Anyone else waiting for their next update with bated breath?

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