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Ellen DeGeneres Dated One of Brad Pitt’s Exes & Someone Needs to Name Names

What must it be like to be Ellen DeGeneres? For every celeb that visits her show, DeGeneres has some never-before-heard anecdote, and Brad Pitt’s appearance this week was no exception. Apparently, Brad Pitt and Ellen DeGeneres dated the same woman — and while the talk show host declined to name names, that won’t stop us from frantically researching Pitt’s dating history to figure this out on our own. Either way, the woman in question clearly has excellent taste.

While on The Ellen DeGeneres Show promoting new film Ad Astra, Pitt was the one to steer the conversation to his past girlfriends. “I remember a Melissa Etheridge pool party, where I think you were hitting on my girlfriend,” he joked to host DeGeneres. She laughed, and said, “Was I hitting on your girlfriend, really?” Apparently, she really was. “I was flattered,” Pitt recalled.

While Pitt may have been the one to kick off this playful teasing, DeGeneres’s comeback took an unexpected turn. “I actually since then have dated another one of your girlfriends,” she told him, smirking ever so slightly. “We’ll talk about that later,” she added. The 55-year-old actor agreed: “After the show,” he said. Sadly, they stuck to their word on this, and returned to mundane topics like Pitt’s film career and workout routine — instead of addressing the really, really important question: Is there even the smallest chance it was Jennifer Aniston?

Neither DeGeneres nor Pitt are lacking for celebrity exes, with DeGeneres currently married to actress Portia de Rossi and having previously dated Anne Heche and Alexandra Hedison. Pitt is, of course, still finalizing divorce from megastar Angelina Jolie, while his list of exes includes ex-wife Aniston, ex-girlfriend Juliette Lewis, and ex-fiancée Gwyneth Paltrow. Even with their playful feuding, it’s nice to see that Pitt’s able to relax and joke like this with DeGeneres. With all the news about struggles on the home front lately, we’re glad to see the actor seems to be doing well.

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