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Jenna Fischer & Angela Kinsey Start a New ‘Office’ Podcast & We Can’t Wait

Are you still sad that The Office is leaving Netflix? Fear not, because you’ll be able to revisit some old friends through your earphones. Jenna Fischer, who played receptionist Pam Beesly on the show, just posted a tweet to her official account excitedly announcing her new Office podcast, the Office Girls.

The other “girl” in this case is co-host Angela Kinsey, who played the cold and stern Angela Martin on The Office. To start things off, Kinsey and Fischer “are heading to the recording booth this week” to talk about the Season 1 episode “The Alliance,” Fischer said. In case you’re not up on your Office trivia, this was the episode that involved the office workers of Dunder-Mifflin entering into a Survivor-esque alliance after some downsizing talk comes along.

Some of Fischer and Kinsey’s old costars took to social media to simultaneously congratulate and cajole the new podcast hosts. De facto leader of The Office Steve Carell retweeted Jenna’s initial post, adding, “I CANNOT WAIT! (What’s a ‘Podcast’?)” Kinsey ran with Steve’s dad joke, chiming in, “My Mom asked the same thing.”

Jenna solicited her followers for questions to answer on their inaugural episode, and several of them are hilarious. “When Michael says that Donald Trump just makes people sad, did you have any idea just how true that would turn out to be?” one asked. Another said, “I’m sure there are very good and valid questions and my only stupid one is WHY DIDN’T YOU CALL THE PODCAST ‘That’s What She Said‘?!?!?!?!”

Most of the questions, though, addressed the day-to-day filming of the series. “During Season 1, did you think the show would take off?” one person asked. Others wanted to know what it was like to work opposite the likes of Carell, a pre–Quiet Place John Krasinski, and Rainn Wilson.

There’s big money in podcasts right now, and it seems like every celebrity is getting in on the action. Martha Stewart has appeared on Alex Rodriguez’s podcast, The Corp, and Anna Faris has hosted Anna Faris Is Unqualified for the last four years.

Jenna and Angela’s excitement for the show is palpable, and it’s wonderful to get another duo of women joining the podcast landscape. Though the women haven’t revealed what listeners of Office Girls can expect, it’s safe to assume there will be discussions of various episodes and — maybe a few special guests. It’ll be the perfect balm to cushion the blow for when The Office finally leaves Netflix.

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