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Meredith Vieira’s Reaction to Hoda Kotb Going Up a Size on Maternity Leave Is Perfect

Thankfully, there are always friends to remind us of the truth about ourselves! This was definitely the case for Today Show host Meredith Vieira, who refused to let Hoda Kotb worry about going up a size after coming back from maternity leave. Kotb came back to the show after a five-month leave to spend time with adopted daughter, Hope Catherine, and spent the summer integrating the new baby into her family.

But Kotb was left worrying about her weight. “I came back to work after five months — and I was going through my clothes to wear things — and I realized something major,” she said. “All of my dresses are eights — and they’re all tight.” Vieira, filling in for Kotb’s regular co-host, Jenna Bush Hager, had strong words.

“The number doesn’t matter,” Vieira said. “You’re gorgeous. She’s gorgeous. It is what it is!” Preach. Ultimately, Kotb heard her friend’s wise words, and she agreed. “Whenever I go down this road — and I don’t mind it — I’m good with it. I just continue the road.” To that, Vieira had the perfect response: “Because it doesn’t get you anywhere!”

Societal pressure to “bounce back” after giving birth is not fair, and the idea of the “perfect mom bod” should be up to each individual woman. The average pregnant woman gains 25-35 pounds during pregnancy and can lose up to 13 pounds directly after giving birth, as per the American Pregnancy Association, but everyone is different and your own personal experience is your own — read: no one else gets to have opinions about it.

This is especially topical in the world of celebrity. But it’s wonderful to see women supporting women in such a public forum, and hearing about Hoda’s weight struggles is relatable, whether you’ve had children or not. To see Vieira remind her friend not to think about the number is so heartening to see. Love them!

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