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Jennifer Lopez Wants More Kids — But Is Alex Rodriguez Into It?

J.Lo is utterly slaying 2019. With Hustlers getting rave reviews and rumors of a possible Super Bowl 2020 halftime performance, La Lopez is reaching for the highest of highs. But she’s not stopping there. During a recent interview, Jennifer Lopez said she wants another baby — but how does her fiancé, Alex Rodriguez feel about it?

Earlier this week, Lopez sat down with Hoda Kotb, and fielded a question about whether she wanted more children. Without hesitation, Lopez responded, “Yeah.” In an interview the next day with Kotb and Meredith Viera, Alex Rodriguez was told about what Lopez had said.

With a wide-eyed stare and grin, he simply responded by saying, “Interesting. That’s a lot to unpack.” Rodriguez believes that Lopez might be inspired by Kotb herself, who adopted two children in her fifties. “I see how happy you are, and I think she may want to follow in your footsteps,” Rodriguez said. Is it possible that Rodriguez and Lopez might be talking about adoption?

The idea isn’t far-fetched. In fact, this is almost a rite of passage for some celebrities. Other than Kotb, both Diane Keaton and Madonna adopted children after they hit 50. And if it’s good enough for Madge, it’s certainly good enough for Lopez!

Rodriguez has two teenage daughters, Natasha and Ella, from a previous relationship. Lopez also has 11-year-old twins, Max and Emme, with ex-husband Mark Anthony. The families have all worked out an amazing co-parenting schedule — Rodriguez was there for Emme’s debut at Lopez’s world tour, and the blended family regularly goes on vacation together.

Even if adoption isn’t being considered, Lopez would be in good company if she had a baby at the age of 50. Janet Jackson had her son, Eissa, after her 50th birthday. Television star Katy Sagal had her daughter, Esme, via in-vitro when Sagal was 52. And Mummy actress Rachel Weisz welcomed a child with husband Daniel Craig when she was 48. That’s not to count all the actors who have become fathers after 50, including but certainly not limited to John Stamos, Jeff Goldblum, and Michael Douglas.

If Lopez wants a baby, age certainly won’t stop her. The couple seems to love each other and their family, so why not add more joy to it? No one and nothing is going to stop J.Lo when she sets her mind to something.

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