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Halle Berry’s Latest Clapback Is a Master Class in Handling Trolls

There always has be that person who finds something to criticize! But then there are also people who manage to turn any negative into a positive, and Halle Berry’s response to a “construction worker hands” comment is proof. The John Wick star took the ludicrous insult in stride, delivering the kind of response that shows she doesn’t take herself too seriously — and she definitely doesn’t take social media criticism to heart either.

It’s rather comical that the negative comment even came to be, considering that it was spurred by a special little glimpse into her everyday life. Taking to Instagram, Berry shared a photo of her outstretched hand. Perched on her fingers was a monarch butterfly. “Today I was touched by an angel,” Berry wrote, adding the hashtag “SpiritAnimal.” Beautiful, right? Except for the fact that someone tried to diminish the moment, writing, “The hands of a construction worker.”

While nobody would have blamed Berry for serving up some serious sass in her clapback, she took the high road, laughing, “I knew somebody was gonna crack on the hand.” That’s one way to shut down a troll: don’t play their game, and have a little fun with your eye-roll in response to their hate.

Of course, Berry didn’t have to say much, because her fans quickly chimed in to defend her. Wrote one, “More like a hard-working woman[‘s] hands that are beautiful.” Pointed out another, “Look closer, y’all… there isn’t the first callous or dry skin anywhere on that hand. Just beautiful color and lines.”


Regardless, Berry seems unbothered by the comment. She’s probably too busy killing it in the gym (have you checked out her super-inspiring fitness posts?!), churning out blockbuster hits and raising beautiful little humans to even give the dig too much thought.

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