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PTA Mom Nicole Richie: This Time-Saving Back-to-School Hack ‘Changes Your Life’

When you’ve got a lot to juggle, time is precious. Such is the essence of motherhood, right? Well, here’s another tip to add to your efficiency arsenal — Nicole Richie just shared a time-saving back-to-school hack she swears by and, we’ve gotta say, it’s brilliant in its simplicity. Considering Richie has her hands full (like most moms!) with kids, work, and everything else, it makes sense she’s so in love with this easy way to streamline school morning chaos.

Chatting with People at the launch of her #NicoleXCapsuleChix collection with Moose Toys in New York City, Richie got real about the fact that time with her kids, 10-year-old Sparrow James Midnight and 11-year-old Harlow Winter Kate, basically trumps any other gig she’s got going. “I’m flying out right after this. I’ve got first-week-of-school [stuff] to attend to,” she said, revealing that she even volunteers at the school. “I’m all in.” But that doesn’t mean readjusting to the morning school routine is totally seamless for Richie. She admits that this time of year “is not calm at all,” which is why she was bailing on New York Fashion Week to get home and “put my mommy shoes on.”

So, what’s her trick for minimizing back-to-school morning chaos? “I’m all about meal prepping. To me, meal prepping changes your life,” she gushed.

Not only does Richie’s time-saving tip make total sense, but it’s also cool to know she’s so hands-on in preparing food for her family. And for that matter, that she’s so involved with her kids’ school life. Nicole Richie, meal-prepping PTA mom? We dig it.

This isn’t the first time Richie has shown what a down-to-earth celebrity mom she is. While most parents are woefully familiar with the culture of mom-shaming so prevalent these days, Richie revealed in a 2016 interview with People that she refuses to judge other moms. “I had two friends that were moms before me — I had kids very young. It was really so refreshing to see two women that have such different taste and parenting styles maintain a friendship and not judge each other for the way they bring up their kids,” Richie shared.

That always stuck with Richie. “There’s no one right way to be a mother,” she continued. “It depends on your house and lifestyle. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to not judge and to be open and honest with other women. That really helps the relax and know that they’re not alone.”

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