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Everything We Know About Jennifer Aniston’s Goddess Circle

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably spent some time wondering how Jennifer Aniston seems completely immune to the aging process. Is it the yoga? Does she just drink that much water? Is she just some mythic species of human who seems to look better with every passing year? Or could it have something to do with Aniston’s “goddess circle,” a little three-decade tradition she has with her nearest and dearest? Wait, what? In a recent interview with the New York Times, Aniston let it slip that she has regular goddess circles, and all we want to know is how to get an invite.

First off, what’s a goddess circle? We’d say it sounds like it’s part bonding ritual, part self-care exercise, and part middle-school sleepover throwback. Shortly after the star’s 50th birthday, Aniston rounded up six of her closest friends for a trip to Mexico, where the women assembled in a circle, sat on cushions and passed a decorated talking stick as they reflected on the passage of time and Aniston’s step into a new decade.

It wasn’t the first time they’d done this. The women have reportedly been doing this to celebrate every major life event, from the births of their children to weddings and losses. While we don’t have a confirmed rundown of the goddesses who make up the circle, we’d imagine a certain Friend is in the mix (we’re talking about Courtney Cox, of course — Rachel and Monica’s portrayers are famously close IRL). Which makes sense, because the goddess circle concept seems straight out of an episode of Friends — do we think Lisa Kudrow is involved as well? And what about her TV-sister-turned-current-co-star Reese Witherspoon?

Naturally, there’s a bit of mystery surrounding the goddess circles — after all, this is Jennifer Aniston we’re talking about (see: no Instagram account). And it’s tough to call something a “goddess circle” if there isn’t a little bit of mystique involved — though, to be fair, Aniston suggested simply referring to it as a “circle.” As the Times reports, Aniston said her inner New Yorker “was slightly horrified at the thought of the term ‘goddess circle’ appearing in a story about her,” adding, “Should we just call it a ‘circle’?”

So while we don’t have a clear picture of what these goddess circles entail, we do know one thing: You can recreate this at home even if you’re not living on a movie star’s income. And who knows? Implement this ritual for a few decades and you just might find yourself feeling as good as Jennifer Aniston looks.

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