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Mariah Carey’s Daughter Could Go Anywhere for a Shopping Spree — She Chose the Most Relatable Place Ever

“Mimi” is undoubtedly a diva — but it must not be hereditary. Mariah Carey’s daughter chose Target for a shopping spree after her famous mom gave her carte blanche to pick the store of her dreams. Carey is cut from a different cloth — she bathes in milk; she’ll send back ostensibly pricey bottles of wine for being subpar; perhaps most curiously, she doesn’t acknowledge time — but Monroe is clearly all of us.

Carey loves a luxe moment. However, Monroe’s super-relatable choice suggests that her mom is keeping things a little more real for Monroe and her twin brother Morocco, both 8. Carey revealed her daughter’s frugal choice on Instagram Tuesday, sharing a snapshot of the two at the entrance to Target. Seated inside of Target’s iconic red cart with the bullseye logo, Monroe looks relaxed and ready to find some good deals. “Me: pick anywhere in the world you want to go to for a shopping spree. My daughter:” Carey captioned the cute pic.

Not surprisingly, Carey manages to make a trip to Target look chic in an all-black ensemble, right down to her peep-toe stilettos. Adorably, Target commented on the photo with one of Carey’s own lyrics: “We belong together.” They even added a butterfly emoji, which is so Mimi-esque. Just further proof that Target knows all of our hearts!

If you think about it, little Monroe’s decision to hit Target might be strategic. Carey gave her daughter the choice to go anywhere on a shopping spree, and Monroe may have realized that her money will go a lot farther at Target. She probably left the store with a lot more loot than she would have if she’d chosen a more upscale retail shopping establishment. We suspect she’s a smart cookie and a savvy shopper in the making.

Monroe obviously isn’t alone in her love for Target. In addition to, well, all of us, several celebs chimed in on the post to express their shared Target obsession. “Oh don’t tell me yal [sic] target bandits like me and my boys !!!!!” Jennifer Hudson joked.

And while Carey probably favors pricier shopping spots, the apple apparently doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to Monroe and her dad, Nick Cannon. Judging by his response, he’s a full-blown Target fan, too. “Exactly!!!” he gushed. “That’s my daughter!!!”

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