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Prince William Confirms 4-Year-Old Princess Charlotte’s Loves of Unicorns

Alexis Ancel

We had our suspicions that Princess Charlotte had a thing for unicorns, which Prince William just confirmed. The Duke of Cambridge mentioned his daughter’s love of unicorns on a visit to Harcombe House to launch Shout UK, an organization that provides crisis support via text.

On the visit, William noticed that one of the children was playing with a unicorn and remarked that his daughter was also a fan of them. “My daughter loves unicorns,” he said. “Loves them.”

We’ve seen the adorable 4-year-old sporting unicorn accessories on multiple occasions. Last week, Princess Charlotte trotted off to her first day of school with a pink sequined unicorn keychain on her bag alongside Prince William, Princess Kate, and her 6-year-old brother, Prince George. She also carried a sparkly unicorn purse at a polo match in July. And the best part? The purse is available on Amazon for less than $8.

Most 4-year-olds don’t have a team of people doing their shopping, nor are they particularly adept at dressing themselves in the first place. We’re assuming that the princess doesn’t pick out her own clothes, but it’s sweet to see that even when she’s rocking a school uniform, Charlotte does, in fact, get a small say in what she wears, unicorn-related or otherwise.


The royal family welcomed their third child, Prince Louis, in April 2018, but it’s unlikely they will be having a fourth anytime soon. When Kate Middleton was asked this past February if baby number four was on the way, she joked, “I think that William would be a little worried.”

More power to them. Either way, we have more than enough royal cuteness to keep us going.

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