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So, Now People Are Saying Meghan Markle Jinxed Serena Williams at the US Open

Sometimes, the internet is just cruel. In the latest turn of events, people on Twitter are claiming that Meghan Markle jinxed BFF Serena Williams after the Duchess of Sussex flew to the States to cheer on Williams at the U.S. Open final over the weekend. To be clear, if Williams had won, Twitter would be saying Markle was her good luck charm.

Twitter just loves to be extra, though. A little backstory: Markle has was also in the stands for Williams’ losses at Wimbledon this year and the year before. Three losses in a row while Markle was in attendance has led Twitter to the obvious conclusion that it’s all Markle’s fault. As much as we love Williams and we wish it were that simple, last time we checked, tennis doesn’t work quite like that.

“Pretty sure this is the last time Meghan Markle will be in Serena’s box. She’s clearly bad luck,” one person tweeted, which is just rude. Markle was seated next to Williams’ mom, Oracene Price, and just in front of Anna Wintour. Another Twitter user minced their words even less. “Meghan Markle is BAD LUCK for Serena!!” they wrote. “Meghan went to the last two Wimbledon finals and US Open Final today. Serena is 0 for 3!! In fact, she has not even won a set!! Memo from Serena to Meghan: Next time I am in a Major Final, STAY IN THE CASTLE!!”

Another person tried their hand at a personal message, writing, “Dear Meghan Markle please stop attending Serena’s finals matches. You are a jinx. Signed fans who are not her friends.” We wish that people could stay in their own lane, but if everyone did that, Twitter would self-combust and cease to exist within a day.

At least people also stood up for the Duchess of Sussex on Twitter. One person tweeted their dismay at the Daily Mail’s salacious coverage of the “jinx,” posting, “MailOnSunday reports that fans say #MeaghanMarkle #jinx for @serenawilliams grand slam finals. Next time it does anti-bullying feature – take a look in the mirror. Nothing short of relentless bullying of #meghanMarkle.” Fair. 

To sum it up, Markle jumped on a transatlantic plane to see her friend play in the finals. Now she’s being dragged for it. Markle has had a rough time of it in the public eye, but at least one fellow U.S. Open attendee had her priorities straight when she posted a video of Williams’ box at the finals, adding, “Awesome moment when you realize the Duchess of Sussex is 75 ft. Away from you.” That’s more like it.

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