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David Beckham Just Stayed Up Until 3AM Building a Lego Hogwarts Castle for His Daughter, Harper

Not even Dementors could deter a dad who’s made a promise to his kid. The Lego Hogwarts castle David Beckham built for daughter Harper, 8, proves the former soccer pro didn’t let anything stand in the way of his little girl’s happiness, including sleep! The castle craftsman’s wife, Victoria Beckham, chronicled the nearly all-night project on Instagram, joking that it was “ruining” her life. But there’s no denying the end result of David’s hard work — and the bond he forged with his daughter in the process — is downright magical.

On Saturday, Victoria shared David’s commitment to the project via her Instagram stories, writing, “Such a good daddy. Harper is obsessed with Harry Potter.” She feigned annoyance when she circled back around 12 hours later, though. “FFS,” she joked. “It is .0018am and he is still up building this LEGO!! Been building ALL day!!” And the construction didn’t stop there. The next morning, Victoria documented her husband hard at work once more. “It’s 9.45, he was up until 3.30

“It’s 9.45 he was up till 3.30 on his castle,” she captioned a closeup of the meticulously constructed Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from the Harry Potter universe. “He is at it again… This castle is ruining my life now,” Victoria added.

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Images: Victoria Beckham/Instagram. Victoria Beckham/Instagram.

David may be 44, but he clearly hasn’t lost sight of the wonder of childhood yet. Given how long this Hogwarts project took, we imagine Harper isn’t the only Harry Potter fanatic in the family. And since Lego has an entire Harry Potter collection including the quidditch field, Hagrid’s hut and Aragog’s lair, it seems safe to assume David and Harper have plenty of Lego-building memories to look forward to still.

But, like, can we be part of the family too?

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