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Kate Hudson’s Teenage Son Jokes He’s Mad About an Instagram Video: ‘You Didn’t Ask Me’

Update, 9/9/19: 

It doesn’t matter if you’re famous — teenagers don’t appreciate being featured on social media without their permission. Kate Hudson’s sweet Instagram video of her boyfriend and three kids singing “Happy Birthday” to her brother was a hit, but her son Ryder, 15, wasn’t thrilled about starring in the post for all of Hudson’s 10.8 million followers to see. “Mom you didn’t ask me if you could post this,” Ryder commented, adding a the crying laughing emoji. Hudson responded with an emoji of her own: the cute smiley face surrounded by three hearts. Ah, well. Teenagers!

Original Post, 9/7/19: 

One Hollywood uncle just received a priceless gift. Kate Hudson shared a video of her kids singing a birthday message to her brother, Oliver Hudson — and it might just be the sweetest thing you’ll see all week. Not only does Kate show off her own vocal chops, but she also gives a rare glimpse at her entire family together. Uncle Oliver is clearly a special guy to deserve such a heartfelt tribute!

In the cute clip, which Kate shared to Instagram on Saturday, she belts out the classic “Happy Birthday” tune to the camera. But she isn’t alone. In fact, you might even say she’s the backup singer in this musical production. In addition to a little help from boyfriend Danny Fujikawa, Kate gets an assist from all three of her kids: sons Ryder, 15, and Bingham, 8, and daughter Rani, 11 months (Real talk, Bingham steals the show).

“To a man who deserves a huge hip hip hooray for the day he was born! You are a special human and we are so grateful for your commitment to being the best human you could possibly be and that we get the benefits of your awesomeness,” Kate directed the video’s caption toward Oliver. “Love and laughter. Love you bro.”

While it’s surprising — in the best way — that Kate decided to feature her whole family in the video, it isn’t surprising that she would want to shower her brother with birthday love. The siblings, who are the children of Goldie Hawn and musician Bill Hudson, have always been close. After Hawn and Bill split in 1980, Kate and Oliver were effectively raised by Hawn and her longtime partner Kurt Russell.

There obviously wasn’t a lack of love in their childhood. In January, during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Oliver (or “Olly,” as Kate calls him) surprised his mom and joined his sister to share an embarrassing story from their youth.

The two were at sleep-away camp, actively trying to hide the fact they had such a high-profile mom, when she made a dramatic appearance. “The director of the camp is doing his morning announcements and out of nowhere, out of the back of us, this seaplane goes, ‘Whrrrrrrr’ and, like, roars down,” Oliver explained, adding that the plane circled and landed. “Then everyone gets quiet — all 700 campers — and it pulls up to the dock and out comes my mother.” Cue Kate and Oliver’s utter mortification as Hawn waved at campers and proclaimed, “I’m just here to see my kids!”

We don’t know about you, but now we can’t wait to see what sort of birthday tribute Hawn might have up her sleeve for Olly.

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