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Tyler Hubbard’s Wife Hayley Gives Her Florida Georgia Line Husband a Breastfeeding Shout-Out

There are men who get squeamish at the very mention of breastfeeding, and those men need to take note. A photo of Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard helping his newborn latch was just shared by his wife, Hayley, and it serves as a powerful example of the kind of role dads can (and should) play.

The couple’s second child, Luca Reed, was born on the little boy’s due day of Aug. 19, joining big sis Olivia Rose, 20 months. Hubbard was right there to support his wife during and after labor, as evidenced by the intimate black-and-white photo Hayley posted to Instagram on Sunday. In it, Hayley is holding Luca up to her breast as Hubbard gently guides the newborn’s head from behind. “My Lactation Consultant @tylerhubbard — but actually,” Hayley joked in the caption, adding, “Love that @katiekauss captured this because he really was reminding me how to make sure Luca was latched properly.”

Fans were definitely impressed with Hubbard’s hands-on partnering. “Supportive husbands make a mom’s life so much better,” one commented, with another writing, “You have a great husband! This picture is beautiful.”

It’s clear Hubbard relishes the role, too. A few days after Luca’s birth, Hubbard shared a slideshow of photos taken throughout the labor and delivery. “Thanks @lbreggy for teaching me everything I know,” he wrote, referencing doula and life coach Lori Bregman. “Now offering my ‘DUDEla’ services for those in need of a good shoulder to lay on during contractions, back rubs, and a good flashlight for when the head starts showing. Please contact my agent for booking 😊”

In all seriousness, it’s great to see a celebrity dad like Hubbard post so openly and with so much pride about the beauty of childbirth and breastfeeding. By normalizing something that, quite frankly, is so normal, Hubbard is helping to break down social barriers that stigmatize men taking on active roles in these intimate moments (or expressing emotions about them).

Way to go, Hubbard! And congrats to the happy family on their new addition.

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