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Kim Kardashian West Is Getting Mommy-Shamed for Letting North West Wear Hoop Earrings, & What Next?

Parenting is tough stuff on a perfect day. But when you’re being picked apart over your every move as a mom, it has to be exhausting. Case in point? Kim Kardashian West getting mom-shamed for North West’s hoop earrings — the latest in what is an ever-growing list of reasons celebrity moms have gotten hounded for their parenting choices.

It all started innocently enough. Kardashian West shared a photo to Instagram and Twitter on Sunday showing her with 6-year-old North. In the cute picture, the mother-daughter duo can be seen interlocking their pinky fingers in a sweet sort of handshake. “Pinky swear we’re besties for life!!!” Kardashian West captioned the cute moment. Only, apparently not everyone saw the photo in such an innocent light. “So cute but my daughter WOULD NEVER be wearing those big hoop earrings at such a young age,” one critic commented. “Come on mama keep your baby girl humble! Some beautiful diamond (studs) fit so much better on a young girl.” Another commenter wrote, “Dress your kid according to her age. This is sooo not ok. Hoops seriously?”

One even conflated Kardashian West’s post with her not caring about the crisis in the Bahamas due to Hurricane Dorian, writing, “What on earth is wrong with you? A very sweet photo but must the focus always be on you? No child needs hoops that large and we have people clinging on to bathroom walls trying to stay ALIVE in the #Bahamas. Hope [sic] about using your fame to send a message to them? SMH.”

Several fans did come to Kardashian West’s defense, though, pointing out that little girls are allowed to wear hoop earrings. After all, everyone seems to assume Kardashian West picked them out for North — but any parent with a strong-willed six-year-old daughter knows that little girls can have strong opinions about fashion. If you think about it that way, Kardashian West is simply letting her little girl express herself.

As for the Bahamas comment, it’s worth mentioning that concern for one thing and love for another are not mutually exclusive. Kardashian West can both care about what is happening with Hurricane Dorian and want to share a sweet moment with her daughter. Choosing to post one over the other doesn’t automatically mean she cares about the other less.

Plus, Kardashian West is North’s mom and, ultimately, she’s the one deciding what’s in her daughter’s best interest. At this moment, she seemed less concerned with what keyboard critics might think of her daughter’s accessorizing than with making a priceless pledge with her kid to be BFFs. So, while North definitely made a fashion statement, we like the statement her mom made, too.

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